Miscellaneous Pictures of
Transocean Airlines Personnel in the 1950s


Captain Ed Bonzo in Martin 202

Captain McIntosh in DC-4

Rodney Stich by Martin 202 in 1952

Ace Sergeant and Ed Bonzo, Martin 202, 1952


C-46, 1952

George Rivers in Martin 202, 1952

Bradley Airport, Windsor Locks, CT

McIntosh at Bradley Field

McIntosh at TAL office, Bradley Field

Bradley Field dispatch office


TAL dispatch office, Bradley Field

Dispatcher, TAL, Bradley Field

TAL Dispatch board, Bradley FieldTAAL

TAL DC-4 at Boston Logan Airport, 1958

Captain Rodney Stich, Boston Logan Airport

Boston Logan Airport, 1958

Pilots Rodney Stich and Norm Johnson, Tokyo, 1952

Pilot Rodney Stich and two flight attendants (names not known)

Rodney Stich, Tokyo, 1952

Rodney Stich, Tokyo 1952

Three TAL crewmembers (names not known)


TAL crew members Norm Johnson and two flight attendants (names unknown)


Ed Minson, Chief Pilot, Transocean Airlines, enroute from Tokyo to Wake Island


Pilot resting over the North Atlantic


Transocean dispatch office, Bradley Field










TAL navigator on DC-4 over-ocean flight

Resting on long Atlantic flight from Europe in DC-4

Somewhere over the North Atlantic in a DC-4

Resting during long over North Atlantic flight prior to low visibility approach at Gander