Surviving Crewmembers and Guests

The following are a sampling of pictures taken of the crewmembers from Transocean Airlines, at one time the world's largest supplemental airline, with offices throughout the Pacific, in the United Sates, Europe and the Middle East. Among its pilots was the famed Ernie Gann, the author of such books as the High and the Mighty and Island in the Sky. It was also the leader in low-cost transportation. Due to a decision of the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), Transocean Airlines was forced to fly large numbers of empty Boeing Stratocruisers to Europe while also putting passengers that should have been on those planes on other airlines, at great cost. That decision forced Transocean Airlines into bankruptcy.

Guest, Glenda Guilinger, pilot since 1951.

Rodney Stich in front of the Steerman, the type of plane the Navy provided for his initial pilot training.

Ed Heering and Others.

Sunderland Short at Western Aerospace Museum, Oakland, California


John and Nancy Russell

Nat Hamm



Nancy and John Russell 2003


Arue speaking.


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